I am Benjamin Michael

A child walks up to a piano in the dining area of a kitchen and plays some of the lowest notes while exclaiming:
“It’s an elephant!”
He quickly hurries up to the highest range to twinkle some notes there, too, with the words:
“It’s a butterfly!”

About Me

The little anecdote above is my mother’s account of how it all started with the music in my life.

Since then, I sang in choirs, learned the piano and saxophone, and played in big bands, wind orchestras, and performed in musicals.

As a citizen of Berlin it is no surprise that electronic music has found its way into my practice. I develop 20-minute sets, which contain some of my favourite aspects of music: live performance with saxophone and singing, dancing and comedy!

Another project of mine is “The Beverly Show” –  a one-man-musical/comedy – show I performed at Whole Festival and Mobile Kino festival and some Berlin clubs.


The name Chomin was a twist of a nickname, given to me during a time when I lived in Costa Rica in the 90s. Back in the day, I was studying saxophone and piano in a conservatory in Heredia and it was after this time that I started composing my own music

Later I got a degree in Music from Dartington College of Arts in the UK and have lived in Berlin since then.

For many years my compositions were for piano or band arrangements, however in recent years my work has gone into orchestral music, some of which can be heard on Chomin’s YouTube channel:

The Trapdoor – 1st Movement – Orchestral Version
The Trapdoor – 2nd Movement – Orchestral Version

Song-writing and performing have also been a part of my practice since adolescence and with the knowledge learned during an audio design course at the Pop Akademie in Berlin, I have finally produced my first song.

 The ILSC – International Low Vision Song Contest  2021, which was the first of its kind led to my first release as a songwriter and singer. “The Things” won the German preliminaries and came in fourth in the international contest of nearly 20 countries.